Q.  Why don't you have LONGER hours?  I can't paint when I need to?

A.  We're are sorry we can't accommodate everyone's schedules, we do the best we can.       Try "Pottery To Go" or host an after hour party.

Q.  Can I bring in my own items to finish or work on? I ordered some pottery on the           internet or my grandma had some in her basement, can I paint it at your store?

A.  Unfortunately, we do not accept outside pieces to be painted in our store or fired        in our kilns.  Our kilns are firing every single day and we don't have spare "empty" kiln time to rent space.  Unfortunately, we can't include outside pieces in with our studio painted items, sorry, it's a quality control issue.  We would be happy to try and find and get a particular piece for you to paint at our store.